What do you guys do?

Help Canadians receive proper guidance and assistance to obtaining a legal medical prescription under the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for medical Purposes Regulations)

What is the ACMPR?

A:Cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2001 for medical Purposes. The ACMPR is the set of rules and regulations set forth for medical cannabis patients which over rule the previous MMPR and MMAR programs set. It’s intentions are to regulate and provide access to medical grade cannabis through federally Licensed Producers.

How can I become a patient?

A:In Canada the legal minimum age for a medical cannabis patient is 18+. If you have a medical condition or diagnostic please bring in any medical document or prescription with proof of condition! We also need a colour copy of your Medicare card or drivers license.

Where and when are the appointments done?

A:the appointments can be done in the comfort of your own home. once payment has been made and accepted an appointment with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners is given to the patient.

What could I expect during an interview with the doctors or nurse practitioners?

A:Upon meeting (Skype)the patient would have to explain their condition and/or reason to why he or she needs to be treated with medical cannabis as well as explain how much cannabis they are using and means of application. (Ex:smoking,vaping,juicing,ingesting ect)

How much is the cost of prescription?

A:For a patient with proof of an existing medical condition, the cost for a simple possession permit is 200$+tax

For someone with no medical dossier or prescription the cost is 250+tax

(*All prices are subject to change depending on prescription size/market/Industry pricing amongst doctors/nurse practitioners)

Is it just a one time fee or does the prescription have to be renewed?

A:All medical permits require annual renewals.

Do you guys sell weed?

A:No! It is illegal for anyone besides Licensed Producers or anyone who has received a sales permit from Health Canada to sell marijuana or cannabis related products.

What is an LP?

A:An LP is a federally Licensed Producer with authorization to sell to medical and non medical parties.

How do I sign up to a LP?

A:Once prescribed ask one of our staff members which LP fits your specific condition best and suggest an appropriate company for you.

What is a Micro Producer?

A:Micro producers carry out the same activities as Licensed Producers on a smaller scale. Also they are not authorized to sell to the general public but are allowed to supply LPs.

How can I get cannabis products other then from a Licensed Producer?

A:Join our co-op of patients and get connected with a grower. Have your meds grown for you and learn on the different ways you can transform your own meds or have them transformed for you into cannabis derived products. (Ex: hash,oils,extracts,edibles,isolates and more)

How do I join the Co-op?

A:Canadians with valid medical cannabis prescriptions can Present them self at any one of our Canagreen agencies and ask one of our staff members on how to join.